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Newland is a Dutch musician and songwriter based in the north of The Netherlands. In 2015 he decided to make his first own solo album. He did all the writing, composing and most of the recording by himself. In april 2016 his album LOVE AND WAR was released. The single “The man who saved the world” reached number one in the dutch indie charts. The second album CRADLES AND CROSSES was released in january 2018. Inbetween there were his singles “London is burning” released in june 2017 “Clubland” released september 2017 and “Pinner Park” released in november 2017.

Newland states:

It is difficult to label my music and I’m not sure that I want that. Most important is freshness, creativity and pleasure. I write my own songs and like to think the lyrics are an important part of them too. So I always try to tell a story in them, even if that story is about love! I have some musical friends from the past like Peter van der Wal working with me and that’s really great. Like everybody else I have musical heroes too who influenced me enormously. Paul Weller and Andy Partridge of XTC are still among my all time heroes. But time doesn’t stand still and modern times have their own heroes influencing me too. To name a few: Anna Ternheim, Tim Christensen and Petter Carlsen.

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Cradles and crosses released

Cradles and crosses

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New single: Pinner Park

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Presenting my new single: Clubland

Summer holidays

It is time for a little summer holiday break. Sun, beach, party, culture, rest…whatever you’re doing I recorded two new cover songs especially for you. Find them under the music menu, covers. It’s “The morning after” and “Bring on the dancing horses”. Hope you like them. In september my next single “Clubland” will be released. I am very proud of it. So keep checking here. See you again soon!

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